Our Story

The Tasty Chicks originates from an idea between two comics, Aviel Stern and Tricia D'Onofrio. Their goal to produce comedy shows was inspired by the realization for the need to showcase women and men equally. Aviel’s idea for the name Tasty Chicks Comedy was the first step into the new venture. After planning and plotting for multiple weeks on end and producing their first comedy show, they are now producing comedy shows throughout the Northeast! Their pop-up comedy shows are lots of fun and no two are ever the same. The shows are engaging, sweet and full of surprises. Come check it out and see for your delight!

Comedy is the best way to bring levity to the world.
— Tricia

Mission Statement

Tasty Chicks Comedy strives for creating solid dynamic line-ups by mixing in elements of amusement and creativity between comics. We are passionate in achieving high-quality comedy shows that encompass powerful energy, a comfortable atmosphere, and approachable attitude. We appreciate the comedians’ dedication in their work and want to express that through showcasing their talent positively. To ensure that our goals are met on the stage and off the stage, we bring our six core values: creativity, adventure challenge, curiosity, respect, and reliability.

There is something powerful about connecting your words with an audience through laughter. You realize you are no longer alone in your experiences, insecurities, and perspectives.
— Aviel

Core Values

Creativity - The use of creativity in discovering innovative approaches for finding solutions in problem solving.

Adventure - Taking on the adventure in saying yes when making decisions and engaging in something new.

Challenge - Embrace challenges that will provide room for growth, knowledge, and empowerment. 

Curiosity – Having curiosity to listen to other point of views, while giving yourself credit to your own personal thoughts and ideas.

Respect – Impart respect when making decisions and communicating with others. 

Reliability – Deliver reliability when managing tasks and when communicating with others resulting in an efficient and positive outcome.