The tasty chicks as co-headliners

Book the tasty chicks to co-headline your comedy show. The Tasty Chicks comprises of comedians Aviel Stern and Tricia D’onofrio. Tricia’s innocent and quirky behavior combined with Aviel’s dry and blunt personality compliments each other in a fun female comedy duo.

Why hire The Tasty Chicks?

  • We are professional, organized, Trustworthy, and engaging.

  • we understand that a night of comedy is a special evening for an individual to relax, smile, and leave their daily stresses at home.

  • We are experienced in performing in front of large audiences.

  • WE frequently perform stand-up throughout the northeast region together and separately in both charming and professional venues.

  • We are funny!


who does our comedy usually appeal to?

  • We are female comedians and so our comedy material is a REFLECTION of our own female experiences in dating, relationships, and daily life activities.

  • Does our comedy material connect with women? Yes of course!

  • Do men enjoy our comedy? Yes of course!

Where do we perform?

We perform at Colleges, Fundraisers, special events, theaters, homes, Clubs, and anywhere else our comedy adventures take us!