How Does our showcase work?

A tasty Chick Comedy showcase is carefully curated to fill the lineup with talented comedians that are diverse and that also encompass women, trans, LGBQ, and non-binary comedians. The tasty chicks Aviel Stern and Tricia D’onofrio open the show as co-hosts, and attentively elate the room with their good-natured banter and genuine personalities. They introduce each comedian with their charismatic and funny dynamic, allowing both the comedians and audience to feel welcomed.


Tasty Chicks at your home

Hosting a tasty chicks Comedy show within the comfort of your own home can be a great way to entertain your friends and family!

Previous shows included setting up a tasty chicks show in a backyard, living room, and even a garage!

We love to bring our tasty chicks flair to these type of shows such as giving out our signature tasty chicks cupcakes and ending the show with an auction of unusual items such as Aviel’s homemade babka!


Collaborate with the Tasty Chicks

We welcome collaboration with other organizations, comedy production companies, and comedians. We expect those who collaborate with us to provide the same level of excellence in devotion, interest, and respect that we guarantee to provide to you and your team.