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The Tasty Chicks set the tone for fun and spontaneity

Their shows begin with a light banter about weddings, sunburns, or anything else that comes to mind. Tricia might share her past experiences of wearing a t-shirt in the local pool, while Aviel shares her anxiety for eating pasta salad. Their dynamic of bouncing off each other is fun and relatable. This style of comedy is as well entertaining when the conversation transitions to off the cuff.


Tricia D'Onofrio


Tricia D’Onofrio is a comedian and writer from Middletown, CT. Her bubbly personality and blind optimism presents itself as she runs the gamut on unique topics. She can hear her musings on global warming, impersonating people, free bread and epi-pens. She performs all over the map in Boston, Worcester, Hartford and New Haven.Her favorite part of comedy is connecting with the audience with her surprising sense of humor.


Aviel Stern


Aviel Stern is Currently located in Northampton, Massachusetts. Aviel is known for her sincere and intuitive persona both on and off the stage. Her voice interweaves her perspectives on dating, adulthood, and secret desires. Her skillful presence dazzles stages in areas such as Boston, Providence, New Hampshire, The Berkshires, Western Massachusetts, and Connecticut.

Aviel’s stand-up career includes opening for Joe List at the Hartford Funny Bone, Dave Hill, and David Feldman. She has also shared the stage on New York City’s exclusive Brooklyn apartment comedy show “You’re Dating a DJ?” which hosts up-and-coming and accomplished NYC comedians.